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Free Shipping on all orders over $100

The Seven Year Pen

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Disposable pens are a waste of money and resources, and they aren't sustainable for you or the environment. The Seven Year Pen aims to change that with a pen built to last - in fun designs just to keep it cute :)


We’ve always believed sustainability could be fun and colorful. When we learned that hundreds of millions of disposable pens are produced every year, just to be thrown in the landfill, we wondered, how long could a pen last? How long should a pen last?

Knowing our pens contained enough ink to write a continuous line 4 to 5 kilometers long, we did a little math and came up with the title: The Seven Year Pen. (Writing 1 to 2 meters of ink a day, times 365 days, times seven years.)

It was an idea to get people thinking about sustainability and all the little things we treat as disposable.

The 7 Year Pen is made in a precision factory in the eco-friendly country of Switzerland. Each pen contains a large ink supply, high quality parts and - most importantly - it’s refillable. So no matter how much you write, you don’t have to throw away the whole pen when the ink is used up.

Ultimately we wanted to create something lasting that you could enjoy for a really long time.

  • Precision Ball Point Tip
  • Premium Black Ink
  • Made with 30% Recycled Content
  • Long Lasting
  • Super Smooth Writing
  • Swiss Made for Fun and Function!
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